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Modular IT Software Suite

Modular IT Software Suite offers a menu of products endorsed by SJMHS as the most compatible and reliable services in health information technology (HIT).

  • Wellcentive Population Health Management.  The future of health care depends on engaging patients, educating them, and motivating them to become actively involved in their own preventive care. The Wellcentive population health management, disease registry foundation includes patient portal functionality allowing each patient personal access to their own healthcare information. They can also view patient educational materials and customized programs for their particular clinical profile. In addition physicians can communicate with each other through secure e-messaging functionality.

  • Rcopia MU Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Solution from DrFirst.  Rcopia is the industry leading e-prescribing system allowing physicians to:

    • Be productive:  Reduce chart pulls, pharmacy faxes and phone calls due to refill/renewal requests, legibility issues and drug incompatibility or ineligibility issues. 
    • Be informed:  Access to clinical decision support tools and patient medication history to prevent adverse drug events; and
    • Be patient friendly:  Provide patients with easy to read medication lists. E-prescribing software enables doctors to easily access a formulary and select cost effective prescriptions, send to mail-order pharmacies and increase patient safety.

  • (Optional) Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR). SJMHS will provide a short list of popular EHR/EMR’s compatible or presently integrated with the Rcopia MU solution, which in many instances do not have internal disease registry capabilities. Physician offices can choose if so desired to implement an EHR/EMR system along with the Rcopia MU SJMHS sponsored Modular IT suite. E Clinical Works, e-MD, Greenway, Epic Cure and Athena are a few of the systems that have been vetted by the Physicians Organization Information Technology group.