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Advanced medicine and treatment for adults
Doctors of internal medicine are essentially doctors for adults from adolescence on, specializing in treatment to prevent and control adult diseases. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) has a team of internal medicine practitioners, or "internists" as they are often called, who specialize in a wide variety of internal medicines such as the following:

  • Allergy and immunology.
  • Cardiology.
  • Endocrinology.
  • Gastroenterology.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Hematology (blood).
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Nephrology (kidneys).
  • Oncology (cancer).
  • Pulmonology (lungs).
  • Rheumatology (arthritis).
  • Sports medicine.
  • Adolescent medicine.

Care for life
The SJMO internal medicine professionals work together in a connected network designed to ensure you the best care possible for the length of your life. Information is shared confidentially among your team of SJMO doctors to better arrive at the most appropriate health regimen for you, taking into consideration your personal medical history and existing or possible ailments such as diabetes, artery disease, hypertension, asthma, and any and challenges which you have the potential to face and overcome.

To gain the greatest knowledge about your adult health and your steps toward a healthy future, contact the SJMO department of Internal Medicine at 800-372-6094 and schedule an appointment. Or ask your doctor to recommend an St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac, Michigan internist.