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  1. Do I need to renew my license this year?
    The Board of Medicine will contact you with renewal information.  Another way to determine whether it is time to renew is to check the expiration date of your current medical license. If you need to call the Board, be prepared to provide Board staff with your license number.
  2. When is the CME year?
    February 1 to January 31.
  3. If I am audited, what kind of evidence will be sufficient for the auditors?
    Evidence for Category I includes certificates of attendance, or letters from the accredited sponsors of CME activities attended outside of SJMO.  Letters or copies of published materials are sufficient documentation of or all other categories.  Inability to provide evidence of completing the continuing education requirement is a violation of the Public Health Code.  Licensing sanctions available to the Board of Medicine for such a violation include reprimand, probation, denial, suspension, revocation, limitation, restitution, or fine.  The best way to keep the evidence is in a folder carefully organized year by year.
  4. I understand that specialty board certification or recertification earns me 50 hours of Category 1 credit.  But when does it apply?
    You have to report your certification or recertification in the year you are notified, and it applies in that year.
  5. I am a physician licensed in a state that does not require CME for a relicensure.  Is it possible for me to obtain a medical license I Michigan without completing the CME requirement?
    Only an initial medical license in Michigan may be obtained without completing   the CME requirement.  To renew your Michigan license you must fulfill the CME requirement.
  6. Circumstances have prevented me from completing my required CME renewal period.  What can I do?
    A. You must request and complete a waiver application for the Credentials Unit of the Department of Consumer & Industry Services.  The Board of Medicine will review your application and determine whether you qualify for a waiver.  DO NOT SEND in a renewal application and fee until the Board acts on your waiver application. There are four circumstances in which CME may be waived, according the Public Health Code: military service, illness, practice outside of the country, and circumstances beyond the licensee’s control.
  7. May I earn credit by attending an out-of -state conference?
    In most cases, out-of-state conferences are acceptable.  The course must be sponsored by an organization accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.  The Board of Medicine reserves the right to reject a course if it does not meet the requirements of the Michigan State Medical Society.
  8. I understand that my year of residency will earn me 50 hours of Category 6 credit, which is equivalent to 50 hours of Category 1 credit.  How does that work?
    This is true, but at least five months of the residency must be served during the year in which you seek credit.
  9. Is PRA the same as CME?
    The American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition Award (PRA) cannot be used as proof of Continuing Medical Education.  The Board is not allowed to accept the PRA.  The activity must be approved as Category 1 CME credit.
  10. Will I receive a CME transcript at the end of the year from the CME Department?
    CME transcripts will be sent out the last week of January.