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SJMO General Dental Residency
Didactic Programs

DentalFacilities.jpgThere are several important components of the didactic program that play a fundamental role in the SJMO Dental Residency Program. These are the courses, lectures, journal articles, formal discussions, and electronic media content that supplement the clinical experiences. It is expected that residents will actively participate in these interactions, and learn to critically review the content of these resources.

Residents are enrolled in Graduate Oral Pathology DEN 517 at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Residents are expected to attend all classes and fulfill all requirements to pass the course. Five Power Point presentations are expected on an oral disease entity as part of the course work. Each resident will share one of these presentations at a SJMO Dentistry and OMS Division meeting.

Journal articles will be selected by the faculty and reviewed with the residents. Each faculty member will select the classic articles in their discipline, and also newer articles for critical review. This can take place in the hour preceding clinic time or at other times in the schedule. This is also the time that faculty will have lecture material prepared for presentation, or using the electronic media as a source for review and discussion. The residents will also be responsible for case presentations to the dental faculty at least four times during the year.

While on other rotations in the hospital, residents are expected to complete assignments in other medical disciplines. These may include articles on paper or electronic media, conferences and lectures, and clinical reports.