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Mercy Dental Center

The Mercy Dental Center is a state-of-the-art teaching facility that allows residents and attending dentists to provide a broad range of dental procedures. The benefits of technology, such as intraoral and extraoral cameras and digital imaging, promote better patient treatment in an environment that is much like that of a new, private dental office. Dentrix software, with a complete electronic record, organizes all the data and allows for easy access for residents and attending dentists alike. Each treatment room has two video monitors, and the lab also has video for evaluation and discussion of patient treatment plans.

The Dental Center features three treatment rooms, two of which are designed for dental treatment and one for hygiene services. Treatment rooms are equipped with new, electric hand pieces. They are designed to perform capably in all procedures from restorative dentistry to rotary endodontics. For patient comfort, nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation is available. The dental laboratory features a sit-down lab bench area and an electric hand piece. All necessary support items, such as a model trimmer, are available for the residents to perform lab work.

The Dental Center is in a prime location within the hospital. Patients utilize the medical clinic reception area for registration, which is directly across the hall. The Dental Center is conveniently located near the Emergency Department where digital panoramic imaging is available.

In addition, the Mercy Dental Center is located near facilities that are ideal for lectures, seminars and discussion. In the physicians' lounge, located directly across the hall next to the B elevators, conference rooms are equipped with projectors and big screen TV's are available for didactic sessions.