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We have a variety of conferences that we run during the year for residents:

  • July-September:
    • Brent and Helms Lectures
      • The R1 class attends a series of lectures prepared from the text and presented by the R4 residents.
      • All incoming residents receive a free copy of Brant and Helms in additional to their educational funds.
    • Physics / Written Boards Lectures
      • The R2 / R3 classes attend a structured physics lecture series provided by the Medial Physics Consultants group.
      • Weekly protected time for Written Boards preparation and discussion groups.
    • Oral Boards
      • Individual preparation and case reviews
    • ABR CORE Exam
      • We are currently in the process of restructuring our curriculum to be suited towards the new ABR examination
  • September-June:
    • Daily Lectures
      • Monday: Didactic Lectures (12-1 pm)
      • Tuesday: Duke MSK Rollout (7:30-8 am), Case Conference (12-1 pm)
      • Wednesday: Wayne State University Lectures (12-5 pm)
      • Thursday: Didactic Lecture (12 -1 pm)
      • Friday: Interesting Cases of the Week (7-8 am); Case Conference 12-1 pm
    • Monthly Lectures
      • Visiting Professor series (11 am - 5 pm)
      • Hosted and attended by several regional residency programs
    • Tumor Board: Wednesday 8-9 am
      • Lung, GI, GU, OB/GYN, and Mammography
      • Cases are reviewed and presented by an R2-4 resident with attending support and attendance
    • Surgical conference: Mondays (7-8 am)
    • Journal Club: last Thursday each month (12-1 pm)

Educational Resources

We have a large library of books, videos, review materials and on-line resources available to all residents, including:

  • StatDx
  • RADPrimer
  • The ACR On-line teaching file
  • Online Duke/Helms MSK conferences
  • IMAIOS e-Anatomy online Anatomical review

Residents are signed up for free memberships in:

  • RSNA, ARRS, MRS, ACR and have access to respective journals.

We have a dedicated Radiology classroom with a high-quality 1080p projector for displaying case conferences and lectures.


The residency maintains dedicated network storage of extensive review material, books, presentations, lectures, and other media.

Each resident attends the four-week American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) course in Silver Spring, MD. The course registration fees are fully funded by the program and residents receive a stipend that can fully cover their living expenses.

Scholarly Activity and Research

All of our residents participate in a Medical Student Teaching Program. We usually have four visiting medical students per month. Two dedicated student lectures are given per week, and students may attend all resident conference as well.

All talks are based upon current ACR appropriateness criteria, and provide training clinicians with the information to order appropriate studies and utilize our department effectively. We also provide all attendees with a "Pocket Guide to Radiology."

All Residents are required to participate in Research during their residency. They are encourage to enter the SJMO annual "Hospital Research Day," and are encouraged to participate in National Conferences (RSNA, RRSA) as well. R2-R4 residents receive a month of Academic / Research time each year where they may develop and work on a project.