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A diagnosis of cancer is an overwhelming experience for anyone.  It’s common to have feelings of shock, anger and fear.  There is a lot of medical information to take in and there are treatment decisions to make.  There often are many questions:

  • Can I be cured?
  • What treatment is best?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How much will treatment cost?

To help patients and their family members cope with their diagnosis and deal with their treatment and other needs, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) created a Cancer Resource and Support Center.  

What is the Cancer Resource and Support Center?
SJMO’s Cancer Resource and Support Center is a comfortable, “one-stop shop” for information and education on cancer topics, social support and counseling, complementary therapies and classes, and provide access to cancer experts and community resources. 

The focus is on improving the knowledge and quality of life of patients with cancer, along with addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs that are part of cancer treatment and survival for both patients and their family members.

The Cancer Resource and Support Center helps St. Joe provide a full continuum of services for patients at risk of cancer, the newly diagnosed patient, those in treatment and those in survivorship.

Conveniently located on the first floor of the Alice Gustafson Center on the hospital campus, the Cancer Resource and Support Center houses a library; offices for nurse navigators, the financial navigator and counseling; a community meeting room for education and exercise, the image enhancement center, and dedicated space for integrated therapies. It is the hub of supportive care and hospital/community resources for cancer-related services.

For more information on St. Joe’s Cancer Resource and Support Center, call 248-858-3456.  To see a brochure about the Cancer Resource and Support Center and its services, click here.