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From infancy through the teenage years, the human body undergoes many changes and encounters many common childhood diseases. SJMO physicians are familiar with these and help to better steer our younger patients toward the healthiest of outcomes.

St. Joseph Mercy Oakland offers a comprehensive range of services for our pediatric patients and their families, including family medicine, pediatric cardiology, pediatric oncology, and an infant sleep apnea program.

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Family-Centered Care
Our 30-bed pediatric care unit allows SJMO doctors and staff to care for children from premature newborns through teens under a nurturing philosophy of family-centered care. Parents are encouraged to room with their child during the child’s stay, and are provided with amenities, such as bedside sleep chairs and shower facilities. We know that visits from family and friends are very important to the recovery of children, and we encourage as many visits as we can.

In this spirit, we offer open visitation to those who members of the family feel it is important for the child to see, including siblings and grandparents. To learn more about family-centered care, please call 248-858-3400.

The services of a hospitalist and board-certified pediatrician are available 24/7 if desired by the infant / child’s admitting physician. The hospitalist collaborates with the child’s physician to direct quality patient care during the hospital stay. For more information, call 248-858-3400.

Pediatric Specialty Clinics
SJMO offers a variety of Pediatric Specialty Clinics staffed by physicians, registered nurses, and other health care professionals. Pediatric Clinics include apnea, cardiology, developmental medicine, infectious diseases, and oncology.

To contact a SJMO pediatric specialist, call our referral line at 800-372-6094.