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Most people recover quickly from hernia surgeries, but it is important to remember that everyone's body and healing process is different. Therefore, it is important to follow your doctor's recommendations and listen to your body.

Below are some guidelines that you can follow, however, please consult your physician to make sure that these are right for you.

  • Manage Pain: Your physician may have written you a prescription for pain medication. Be sure to take the medication as indicated by your physician.
  • Reduce Swelling: It is common to experience swelling around your surgical site for the first few days following your operation. Additionally, the surgical site may be sore, swollen and bruised. To aid in reducing the pain and swelling, you can use an ice pack (wrapped in a thin towel) on the site, 3-5 times daily, for 15-20 minutes at a time.
  • Resuming Activities: You may get back to your normal activities as soon as your doctor has indicated and you feel that you are able to. The following steps may aid in the healing process:
    • Exercise: Taking short walks to improve flexibility and circulation
    • Diet: Consuming a diet high in fiber and drinking lots of fluids
    • Warning: Avoid heavy lifting