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Inpatient psychiatric help for adults (18 and older)
The Department of Behavioral Medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) offers a selection of Michigan's premier programs in psychiatric care, including diagnosis of and treatment for depression, anxiety and stress disorders.

We maintain a 33-bed inpatient adult unit as well as emergency care and partial day care for our patients. Patients new to our services are referred through our Psychiatric Access Center. For more information or to speak to a social worker, please call 248-858-3623.

The SJMO Behavioral Medicine staff consists of trained, compassionate, experienced professionals who can deliver objective mental health diagnosis and treatment ranging from consultation to evaluation and ailment-specific treatment programs. From crisis moment to full recovery and every step in-between, we provide a stable, team approach to treating behavioral health, with communication, honesty and emotional support as our foundation.

We skillfully treat our patients' immediate problems of functioning safely in the community by helping them overcome severe bouts of depression, anxiety, episodes of bipolar disorder (sometimes called manic depression) and thought disorders such as schizophrenia, suicidal conjecture.

SJMO also offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). This program is an individualized patient-centered program developed to treat serious behavioral health problems. PHP is a structured therapeutic mental health program conducted during consecutive weekdays, with the patient returning to the community each evening and weekend.

Our care is coordinated with family and social support networks so that when our patients are discharged, they achieve independence rapidly and effectively, with supportive links to community services, financial assistance, housing, health care and outpatient mental heath and transportation resources (Medicaid, SSI, Disability, and others).

For more information about our Department of Behavioral Medicine, please call 248-858-3623.