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St. Joseph Mercy Oakland leads
the fight against transmittal of infectious diseases
Many experts believe that the spread of infectious diseases, in both animals and humans, is on the rise worldwide with the advent of new diseases such as bird flu, mad cow disease and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) as well as the reemergence in modern cultures of older human diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

No one is more concerned with protecting the population from infectious diseases than the doctors, nurses and staff at SJMO.

That's why a dedicated team of SJMO professionals rigorously studies and treats infectious diseases on an every day basis with the full support of SJMO.

SJMO team advances diagnostic testing
As urban populations grow, opportunities increase for person-to-person transmittal of infectious diseases. Compounding the problem are symptoms that are unfamiliar to many patients. And public health services may not always be equipped to handle some infectious disease outbreaks. SJMO can help with a its comprehensive area of diagnostic and testing procedures which can identify and ultimately lead to treatment of the following diseases:

  • AIDS.
  • SARS.
  • Influenza.
  • Malaria.
  • Tuberculosis.

Although the likelihood of any sort of pandemic outbreak of infectious disease is remote, the specialists at SJMO are always working to combat infectious disease growth and prevent infectious disease transmittal to patients like you and your family.

Prevention is the best "cure"
Be sure to ask your SJMO doctor about the availability of flu shots and other preventive measures available at SJMO that can protect you and your family from possible infection by transmitted diseases. Call today at 800-372-6094 to schedule an appointment.