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St. Joseph Mercy Oakland has a liberal visitation policy to encourage family and friends to be with their loved ones while they are in our care. Please help us continue this practice by acknowledging the care needs and visitation rights of other patients. Those visiting patients in semi-private rooms should be respectful of both patients by:

  • Not overcrowding the room with visitors
  • Keeping conversations at low volume
  • Turning off overhead lights and TV's at reasonable evening hours.

Check at the nursing station for unit-specific hours. If you have concerns, please speak with a caregiver.

Cell phone and telephones
Cell phones may be used in most areas of the hospital. Cell phones may NOT be used in areas using sensitive equipment (such as ICU, CCU, surgery and recovery room).

We encourage you to respect the privacy of patients by taking your call away from highly populated areas such as the waiting room. Most patient rooms have telephones for patient use. You may receive calls between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.; however, you may call out at anytime.

Read St. Joseph Mercy Oakland's Notice Of Privacy Practices