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Umbilical Hernia

This type of hernia occurs at the belly button and look like a bulging navel. Many times this type of hernia is present at birth or can happen over time due to obesity, excessive coughing or pregnancy.

If a child is born with a small (less than half an inch) umbilical hernia, the opening in the abdominal wall often closes by age 2. However, those that are larger than half an inch usually require surgery. Physicians generally recommend completing this surgery between ages 2-4. If your child's bellybutton protrudes when he or she cries, they may have an umbilical hernia.

Umbilical hernias appear as swelling or a bulge at the navel. They are most commonly diagnosed through physical exams, but an ultrasound or x-ray can also be used if your physicians suspects complications. In some cases, adults with an umbilical hernia may experience obstruction of the intestines and will need to undergo emergency surgery.


Hernioplasty (Mesh Repair)
This type of repair uses partially absorbable mesh. The mesh acts like a fence to reduce tension on the wound and prevent reoccurrence. Hernia repairs performed this way may typically,

  • Be completed in an outpatient setting
  • Be completed under or local or regional anesthetic
  • Allow patients to go home the same day
  • Reduce the risk of a bacterial infection Result in a quicker recovery.


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