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Hernia Repair Techniques

There are several techniques available to repair hernias such as suturing, mesh, open repair and laparoscopic repair. Each technique has its own unique benefits and it is important to have several options when deciding which type of repair is ideal for your hernia.

Simply suturing the abdominal wall musculature together can close only very small effects. Most hernias require a piece of mesh for a long lasting repair.

Mesh is a prosthetic material that is used to repair hernias. This mesh acts like a fence to reduce tension on the wound and prevent recurrence. The mesh is inserted through the incision in the abdomen, or the groin, and sutured into position. This technique can be accomplished using with both open and laparoscopic repairs.

However, the use of mesh to repair hernias is both effective and can be done laparoscopically. Laparoscopic repair has been described as a minimally invasive approach and involves making three or four tiny incisions. Mesh, a prosthetic material, is then inserted and acts like a screen to reduce pressure on the wound and prevent future hernias from occurring. It is inserted through an incision in the abdomen or the groin, and then sutured into position. Patients regain their quality of life much quicker with fewer complications than traditional hernia surgeries of the past. Hernia repairs performed this way may typically:
• Be done in an outpatient setting.
• Be completed under local or regional anesthetic.
• Allow patients to go home the same day.
• Reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
• Result in quicker recovery.

Open repair
In this operation, an incision is made on the abdominal wall, the hernia sac is reduced and mesh is placed just below the fascia.

Laparoscopic repair
This technique has been described as a minimally invasive approach. It involves making three or four tiny incisions. The mesh is placed behind the defect, one layer deeper in the abdominal cavity.

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