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OB/GYN Resident Rotation Requirements

1st Year Resident

2nd Year Resident

3rd Year Resident

4th Year Resident

2 months -  Internal Medicine

1 month -   OB/GYN Ultrasound

1 month - Maternal Fetal Med/ Genetics

6 months - Obstetrics

1 month -   Surgical ICU

6 months - Obstetrics

1 month - Reproductive Endocrinology

4 months - Gynecologic Surgery

1 month -  General Surgery

5 months - Gyn Surgery

1 month - Gynecologic Oncology

1 month -   Urogynecology

1 month - Emergency Medicine


3 months - Obstetrics

1 month -   Ambulatory Gyn

3 months -  Gyn Surgery

Participate in SCS OB/GYN Basic Science Course

6 months - Gyn Surgery


1 month -   NICU




3 months - Obstetrics




12 Months Total

12 Months Total

12 Months Total

12 Months Total

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The St. Joseph Mercy Oakland obstetrics and gynecology residency program has a strong emphasis on didactics.  At St. Joe’s education is a priority.  After rounds each morning, all residents participate in an hour long morning report session with one of the attending physicians.  The labor and delivery board is reviewed as well as the high risk antenatal and gynecology patients.  Presentations are given by the residents on technical bulletins and textbook chapters.  Lectures are also given by attending physicians on various topics.  After morning report those residents on Obstetrics participate in Multidisciplinary rounds to discuss all current laboring patients as well as high risk antenatal patients with other members of the healthcare team.

In addition to morning report numerous other conferences are held regularly.  Tumor board, Perinatal Conference and Clinical Quality Improvement are held monthly.  There are multidisciplinary Fetal Strip Reviews held quarterly.  All residents become NCC (National Certification Corporation) certified in interpreting fetal heart tones in their first year as well as NRP  (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certified. Journal Club is also conducted quarterly.

The Mercy Women’s Center is another important aspect of the training program.  This is a resident run clinic supervised by three core faculty members. The Women’s Center allows residents to develop skills in assessing and managing outpatients.  The office was newly built in 2011.

The residency program is affiliated with Michigan State University’s Statewide Campus System.  Each month all residents participate in a day long didactic session with other osteopathic OB/GYN residents from member programs.  Various topics are covered each month.  All second year residents also participate in an additional didactic session, one afternoon each month for six months, focusing on basic science in OB/GYN.