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St. Joseph Mercy Oakland helps you breathe easier
Over 50 million people in America today are allergic to airborne allergens, such as mold, pollen, pet dander and dust mites, as well as to foods, skin products, and insect stings. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (SJMO) has the specialists required to treat allergies through a combination of medication, allergen avoidance practices and immunotherapy (the practice of immunology.)

Every year, more people in our diverse culture seem prone to contract allergies. Fortunately the advances in the care and treatment of allergies, such as those you will discover at SJMO, help take the discomfort of allergies away with the least amount of medication and maintenance.

If you suffer from allergies, your St. Joseph Mercy Oakland allergist can recommend any one, or a combination of the three most common treatments:

  • Medication. Various pharmaceutical prescriptions block the symptoms of allergic reactions. Although this does not eliminate allergies that cause these symptoms (runny nose, puffy eyes, irritated skin or other symptoms), medication is frequently a necessary choice in treatment.
  • Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is the practice of supplying allergy injections to the patient in severe allergy cases of allergy prevention and treatment. In essence, tolerance is built up in the patient by a slow and graduated injection of small doses of the substance to which the patient is allergic. As the body strengthens its ability to withstand the controlled allergen, greater tolerance is effectively achieved.
  • Allergen Avoidance. Your SJMO team will show you multiple ways in which you can limit your exposure to the allergens which cause you discomfort. Sometimes it's as easy as selecting the proper pillow or sleeping with the windows closed in the summertime. The key is to eliminate the presence of the allergens in the air that you breathe, and the SJMO allergy specialists can show you how to achieve this in multiple ways.

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